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But some notes have managed to slip out along with recent writings on projects based on Tesla science. Death rays -- antigravity aircraft -- free energy -- time travel and teleporatation are just a few of the amazing secrets revealed at last. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart.

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  • The Book of Enoch by Enoch , Paperback Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. But you chicken sh! Easier to just blah blah about normal persistent contrails and how everyone observing this is crazy. Cognitive Dissonance at work. I dare you to test the rain water and soil. Wait until you find out about the nice nano-tech organisms they are infecting us with as well. Check out Carnicom.

    I have booked my whole family in for hair sample tests, out of my own pocket. I suggest everyone on here do the same for their family and friends. Ok so the people speaking here on this video are delusional????? You are obviously trying to hide this!!! I have lost all respect for you! You are part of the cover up, you clown! Sounds like David needs to go back to school and learn about jet engines because there is more to this world than he hypothisizes about!

    And till then your science is junk science. Include everything and there will be a different outlook. Geo engineering is real. Even Bill Vanderzalm has his head out of his ass on this issue. I must add to my previous comment, as thick clouds have moved in and are blocking the early plane trailing, which are now not visible.

    So it may not be possible to see the spray today. This happens alot. Clouds hide it so there is alot more of it than just what we see on sunny days, a good point to remember.

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    To Mr Suzuki: Today is Feb. The forecast I read for Vancouver yesterday by all sources was for clear cloudless sky for two days. Au contraire mon frere.

    Chemtrails: Widespread Conspiracy Theory DEBUNKED

    The sun is blocked by patches of now familiar haze which remain and are drastically diluting the suns rays. It is blocking the sun. We need the sun to grow food. Full and intense sun as a matter of fact. Eating and nutrition is going to be very difficult without it. In your article you did not address the issue of plane trails causing a nonfunctional environment for the inhabitants of the earth.

    Are you not one of us?

    David Suzuki on Chemtrails | The Common Sense Canadian

    Or your children? Today the sky in Vancouver is perfect proof that man made effects are altering the basic live-ability of our habitat. Check the forecast. And you most likely do not. Please stop condescending to Canadians and make a simple scientific observation of the sky. Perhaps you are just not one of us and never have been? Think of the children at least and what they are inheriting. Must have a code that you can live by. And so become yourself because the past is just a goodbye. Teach your children well, their fathers hell did slowly go by.

    David Suzuki is a joke and a really bad one. These maniac scientists are risking an ice age not to mention adverse world wide health as a result of their Frankenscience. Visit the ISS live feed site and see that the entire planet is engulfed in a silver haze, thanks to the ongoing chemtrail spraying program.

    Stop looking down at your iPhones and start looking up at our skies! I used to like David Susuki until he came out with this denial of chemtrails, semantics matter here, chemtrail is just a name to point out those extra large sky-to sky clouds that are made by jets and did not exist 12 years ago over the skies, those trails also milk out the sky and change the color of it for a silvery, milky blue, full of dusty looking haze.

    OBDM551 - Chemtrails Are Killing You

    Stratospheric aerosol injection is, in the other hand, a scientific term, and this is what is happening. What can you say about that Susuki? Reason number one for Arctic ice melting…….. Read this, google acrctic drilling is inevitable,if we dont find oil in the arctic then russia will. Anything goes when money is involved,even in Obamas office. Russia is planning to open old military bases in their arctic to set up exploratoin posts.

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    America still has theirs in use. Not used much for military purposes now but still operational. Now they are used for more friendly purposes. Another beautiful sky,Monday morning,Sept15 This is how it should look,this is how I remember it from decades passed. Seems yesterday was the same. Driving south on hwy 99 I noticed several planes exhausting what I thought was vapor about 8 to 9 am.

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    • After a while they were still there,more planes or the same ones heading back were trailing again. Some disappeared most stayed. I was outside for about 2 hrs. Now, this is strange because all other past trails would drift easterly over the lower mainland.