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To save the people he loves, he agrees to become a spy, granted cred because his brother is already a soldier. Soldier life is hell, and when an injury during a mission gives him an opportunity to escape to Kenya, he knows he has to take it. But life there is simply filled with different hardships, terrible memories, and legal threats that threaten whatever grasp on a normal life he has. Circle of Shadows , by Evelyn Skye January 22 The New York Times bestseller is back with a brand-new fantasy series, this one about a pair of apprentice warriors named Sora and Daemon of the Society of Taigas, an elite group marked by the gods to be trained in magic and the fighting arts to protect their kingdom.

Then, while scouting, they happen upon a camp of mysterious soldiers and decide to infiltrate it. The effect on Sora is a life-changing one, necessitating such great deception she may never be able to return. The Birds, the Bees, and You, and Me , by Olivia Hinebaugh January 22 Sex ed goes rogue in this bold, informative, and empowering debut about a girl who takes matters into her own hands when she observes firsthand how her school is being failed by abstinence-only education.

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Song of the Dead , by Sarah Glenn Marsh January 22 Your favorite bisexual necromancer is back in this sequel to Reign of the Fallen , which sees Karthia massively changed. Raising the dead is outlawed and the borders have been opened, inspiring Odessa to explore the world and heal her broken heart, though Meredy joining her on that trip may make that last bit a little more challenging.

The Truth About Leaving , by Natalie Blitt January 22 Lucy is fresh off two different breakups: a more traditional one with her boyfriend, Scott, and a physical one, in which her mother has left their family in Chicago to pursue a career opportunity in Berkeley. Both required Lucy to give up pieces of herself, from her love of dance to the free time she has now ceded to babysitting her little brothers, but when a new kid named Dov transfers to her small school for senior year, he gives her a little piece back, and even finds a few she never knew were absent.

The two are assigned to work together on a poetry assignment, and as they bond over the lyrical language of Yehuda Amichai and e. But how real can it get and how long can it last when Dov is headed back to Israel next year to begin mandatory army service? This contemporary romance is a great choice for teens who already have or who want a special connection to Israel, or just readers who love reading about swoony love!

Between finally having a clue pointing to the culprits in the original s case, scaring off a potential suspect in the newest killing, and an extremely puzzling romance, everything is up in the air for detective-in-training Stevie Bell, especially since her parents have taken her home from Ellingham Academy after learning what has been going on at the elite boarding school.

Time to finally find out! Spin , by Lamar Giles January 29 Giles is one of the freshest and most fun thriller authors in YA, and his newest might be my favorite yet. That includes her former best friends, Kya and Fuse, the two people who found her body that night.

The Lonely Dead , by April Henry January 29 Legendary mystery author Henry is back at it again with this newest about a girl named Adele who can see and speak to the dead…not that she wants to. Travis and his little sister, Jess, are two of the only survivors remaining, and food is running out. They have hundreds of miles to cross, rife with desperate and dangerous survivors and starving animals who see them as prey.

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But they must attempt the journey in order to stay alive, even if the travel itself might kill them. You can find more on the other one here. Prince Rhen is the heir to Emberfall, cursed to repeat the autumn of his eighteenth year until a girl falls in love with him.

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Then Harper is sucked into his world from the streets of Washington, DC, and she has no idea what to make of it or of him. What she does know is how to survive, and Rhen will need her by his side when a powerful enemy tries to take Emberfall down. Then the secret comes out in the worst possible way, and soon Rukhsana and her family are on their way to Bangladesh, where things only get harder and more restrictive for her.

With their acrobatic skills, technological connections, and stellar talents for disguise, the quintet seems unbeatable…until they knock off a dangerous target who hates to lose and has a team of violent minions at his disposal. So I was thinking about eight lessons, one per night, though eight nights in a row might be too much, so they can always be postponed.

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And then we could do follow-up, if you have questions or want feedback. I might even make a handout for the lesson, and it would be a bit longer, probably. Not quite so quick and dirty. I also get things better if you can lead me to realizing them myself, and help me connect to other things I know.

Jordan took several slow breaths and held the idea for a few moments, just to be sure. This is a really wonderful present, Leah. You mean so much to me, Jordan. So we need to keep it strictly about learning, okay? Our friendship might change, might have new layers to it, move slightly differently. We have a solid foundation. I truly believe that. Sex, kink, romance… none of that is more important than friendship.

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Jordan would just leave it there, for now. Xan West is the nom de plume of Corey Alexander, an autistic queer fat Jewish genderqueer writer with multiple disabilities who spends a lot of time on Twitter.

Their collection of queer kink erotica, Show Yourself to Me , will be rereleased soon. After over 15 years of writing and publishing queer kink erotica short stories, Xan has begun to also write longer form queer kink romance. Their recent work still centers kinky, trans and non-binary, fat, disabled, queer trauma survivors. It leans more towards centering Jewish characters, ace and aro spec characters, autistic characters, and polyamorous networks.

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Ottoman Lilies of the Bowery by Lily R. Mason Spellbound by Allie Therin Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian I love books. I love calendars. We Read! Get Used To It! Over seventy-five people, companies, and organizations came together to create this 8. I asked Greg to tell us a little more about the books chosen, and you can take a look at the calendar in the link below!

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The pre-sale for the calendar lasts until November 29th , and calendars will then be printed and shipped out the first week of December, so check out the books featured and get your orders in now! Want to know the best part about this calendar? Young mermaid Ersel is forced to choose between the community she has know her whole life and a chance at love with a woman from above.

How far will Ersel go for this new romance, and will that path lead her to a happy ending? A quick, exciting read that you will surely enjoy. Yes, please! This wildly imaginative debut novel by Nicky Drayden was a book club favorite.

Set in future South Africa, an ancient being wants to wake up the magic in all of us. But are we ready? Follow a diverse cast of people as the converge and fight to save humanity in an explosive ending! March features Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey. April features Othered by Randi Romo. Celebrate Poetry Month with the collection of poems by Randi Romo.

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Romo is a Latinx, queer woman, writer, artist, long-time activist and organizer. She has said that writing saved her life. You will feel that truth with every raw, honest word she shares. You will revel with her. You will grieve with her.